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About the Artist

I am a visual artist living and working in South West Wales. I was born in Anerley, Penge, South London and spent my childhood in Kent. My father's family are all Londoners from way back when, but my mother's family are an interesting mix of Irish, Walloon and Hungarian. My Grandmother was from a "littly island" in the Danube, just outside Budapest. I can still hear her exclaiming " Daahlink!" or "I'm absholutely collopshed".

I specialise in Sacred and Traditional art, inspired by early Medieval manuscript illumination, pre and post Christian Celtic art and Islamic art.

My work includes the first illuminated manuscript of The Gospel of Thomas to be made in modern times. My work has been exhibited at a number of cathedrals, galleries and stately homes throughout the UK, including the Alberto Vilar Gallery and Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London. I was shortlisted for the 2014 Gemini Art Prize.

I studied at The Prince's School of Traditional Arts and was awarded an MA in 2004 from the University of Wales. My final degree show was attended by HRH The Prince of Wales.

My paintings are entirely hand made and are executed in acrylic, watercolour or egg tempera and gold leaf on pergamenata paper, calfskin manuscript vellum or traditional gesso panel. I make my own quills and egg tempera paint, using 'early' pigments, i.e., verdigris, minium, vermillion, rose madder, indigo, lapis lazuli, ochre and orpiment. I regularly raid the local Welsh beaches for shells to use as paint palettes. I do not, however, grow my own cows or make my own vellum. I am very happy to let someone else do that bit :)

The paintings have a meticulous, underlying structure, based upon the principles of Sacred Geometry. Traditionally, art has always been concerned with an individual's evocation and expression of a universal, eternal principle. The purpose of art was to focus attention upon transcendent truths and to aid the viewer in their contemplation of Divine Will and Grace. The full page paintings, known as Carpet Pages, serve a similar purpose to prayer mats, stained glass windows, even the grand porches and doorways of cathedrals. They define the boundary of a sacred or holy space. The illuminated page, like a door, lies at the entrance to the sanctuary of the Holy Word of God. In passing through it, not necessarily in a physical sense, we transcend the purely physical experience and are transfigured by and in the Light and Love of God.

Each painting can take up to three weeks to complete. Most of that time is spent on drawing out the design, using a set of Victorian compasses, a sharp pencil, a ruler and lots of tracing paper.

I live in Carmarthenshire with her other half, Peter, and their dog.                                           07854 306569/ 01554 229707
                                                                                                                                               7 Gwelfor, Burry Port. SA16 0AH