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Carmina Gadelica

Painted and Illuminated Prayers, Hymns and Incantations                                                                                                                                                                                                                     HOME

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These vellum manuscript pages are taken from an unfinished illuminated manuscript. They form part of a collection of prayers, hymns and incantations that Alexander Carmichael collected in the 19th Century. In his introduction, he states: " it is genuine folk-lore, taken down from the lips of men and women, no part being copied from books. It is the product of far-away thinking, come down on the long stream of time. Who the thinkers and whence the stream, who can tell? Some of the hymns may have been composed within the cloistered cells of Derry and Iona, and some of the incantations among the cromlechs of Stonehenge and the standing-stones of Callarnis. These poems were composed by the learned, but they have not come down through the learned, but through the unlearned - not through the lettered few, but through the unlettered many - through the crofters and cottars, the herdsmen and shepherds, of the Highlands and Islands".

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  The Three Who Are Over Me/ I Am Bending My Knee
The Three
  O God Who Broughtst Me/ Be The Great God
be the great god
  God To Enfold Me/ The Compassing of God
god to enfold me
  In Name of the Holy Spirit/ God Bless
god bless
  God Be With Thee in Every Pass
  Come I This Day to the Father
come i

god with me
Spirit Give Me

Thanks to Thee
be my prayer