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Cymru Chiyogami

I'm in awe of the skill that is needed to produce the best of the Japanese art prints. I haven't yet plucked up the courage to carve wood blocks (I'm extremely good at slicing my fingers open...),which is the correct technique. Instead I have used stencils, which I cut myself (keeping my fingers out of the way of the blade!). They are printed on silk screened Lokta paper from Nepal and I have used acrylic paints and different colours of metal leaf (for added oomph). Priced from £300.                                                                    01554 229707/ 07854 306569

Gwelfor to Gower

Pochoir print on gold Lokta paper. Acrylic, copper leaf, imitation gold leaf and imitation silver leaf. Limited edition of 5 prints.

This edition is inspired by the view from my back garden in Burry Port across to the Gower coast,
SW Wales, UK.
The plants are those that grow in the area, including the white Lilac, which has merrily seeded itself around here.

The technique used is one that employs multiple stencils. The edition ends when the stencils become  too clogged!