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Circular Abstract Paintings

Although these paintings are all circular in form, they have a strict underlying geometry. The painting 'quadrature' is based on a series of nested, or quartered, squares, whilst the Dance of Mercury and Venus is based upon the geometry of the mean orbits of Venus, Mercury, Mars and the Earth, with the Sun the most central point. The marrying of the circle and square within the designs is particularly significant, as it symbolises Heaven and Earth, which were joined through Christ in the Christian tradition.

If you are interested in any of the paintings, I will be happy to send you further information.                                                                            01554 229707/ 07854 306569

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Birds of a Feather

birds of a feather

Acrylic on mountboard. Based upon the bird and bird-like imagery found in early Celtic Christian and pre-Christian and Islamic art. The underlying geometry is based upon a method for squaring the circle, and features 4 pentagons.
Diameter approx 55cm. 



Gouache and acrylic on hand embossed paper, with 24ct gold leaf. 30cms diameter approx.
The design grows from the geometry of a series of nested squares.



Imitation gold leaf and acrylic on gesso panel. Approx 25cm x 25cm.
This painting is inspired by the style and the motifs of Islamic art. The elements within the painting are highly stylised and abstracted flowers and leaves. The geometry is nested squares, the square being symbolic of the earth and the physical realm. Together, the geometry and the motifs recall the profusion and variety of life on earth. The flowers and leaves are not meant to be realistic: both Islam and Christianity forbid the depiction of the likeness of a living thing.


Blodyn Yr Haul

Blodyn Yr Haul

Egg Tempera, acrylic and Dutch Metal leaf on panel. Diameter 60 cm

This painting is inspired by the art of the La Téne and Hallstatt regions of Celtic Europe. It is based upon repeats of 6 and 12. Six is linked to time and generation (√3 is contained within the hexagon - √3 being symbolic of the Generative Principle).
 Twelve is also the 12 of the year, the twelve disciples, etc.
The title of this painting is the Welsh for "sunflower"

Evening Star

evening star

Metal Leaf on traditional gesso panel.

Handmade genuine Lapis Lazuli and Gold Ochre egg tempera, liquid metal acrylic.
Scrolls, spirals, peltas and leaf like shapes on pentagonal geometric grid.
The title, Evening Star, refers to the planet Venus, the orbit of which is pentagonal and is 225 days long. In the Bible, five represents God's Grace and in the Quran there are five pillars of Islam.

 The Ties That Bind Us

the ties that bind us

Dutch metal leaf and acrylic on gesso panel.

The curving and spiralling forms are abstract floral, foliate and wing shapes. They come from the Celtic European and Asian/ Islamic traditions. Possibly, both traditions ultimately derive from Far Eastern/ Chinese traditions. The highly abstract forms serve to recall the profusion of life, whilst not portraying any likeness of any living thing.

 Light of the Shore - Alban Heruin

Alban Heruin Light of the Shore

Dutch Metal gilding, liquid metal acrylic on panel.

Scrolling, spiralling leaf-like shapes on four fold geometric base.
Alban Heruin, Light of the Shore, is the Celtic festival of Mid-Summer
: the Summer Solstice. This is when the sun is at its highest point, the days are long and golden, the British countryside is filled with lush, verdant growth and the crops are ripening in the field.



Egg tempera and gold leaf on paper.
The underlying geometry of this design is the subdivided square - One
square nested inside another, inside another. The design grows from the constant division of the initial square. This can be seen as a metaphor for the physical transformation of matter. It can represent growth from and proliferation of the initial source, but also a return to it.

 Wings of the Morning

Wings of the Morning

Acrylic and imitation metal leaf on gesso panel (ecologique mdf). Approx 26 x 26 cm.

Based upon hexagonal geometry, the individual motifs are wing and wing-like forms. The title derives from Psalm 139 : "If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea;"
Genesis tells that God created the world in six days. All creation is of Him, within Him and even if you were to fly upon the swiftest wings, trying to outrace the first rays of the morning light, yet when you reached your destination, He would be there before you. Always.

Arabesque 3

Arabesque 3

Acrylic, imitation gold leaf, imitation silver leaf and copper leaf on board. Approx. 46cm in diameter.
This is based on octagonal geometry. The motifs within the design are a combination of arabic wing like forms and 'celtic' abstract birds and knot work.


Metal leaf and acrylic on paper. Diameter approx 27cm.
This painting is based upon a nonagon - a nine sided polygon. In the Bible, 9 symbolises divine completeness or conveys finality. It is also the number associated with the  fruits of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22).

Arabesque 2

Acrylic, imitation gold leaf and copper leaf on board. The geometry behind this painting is dodecagonal - twelve repeats. 

Angel Circle

Angel circle

Gold leaf and handmade egg tempera on paper. The octagonal design features pairs of birds in gold leaf. St Augustine said of birds "“ The words of your messengers have soared like winged things above the earth beneath the firmament of your Book, for this was the authority given to them and beneath it they were to take wing wherever their journey lay.”   

Wandle Boss

Wandle Boss

Copper Leaf and acrylic on paper board. This design is inspired by the Wandsworth Shield Boss, which features two abstract birds. There are three large birds in this painting, with three further small birds. The underlying geometry is hexagonal.