Celtic & Early Medieval

I am in awe of the medieval scribes, writing away year after year in their scriptoria, without the benefit of central heating, double glazed windows, the electric light and anti-inflammatories/ wrist supports/ physiotherapy!! 

As one medieval scribe put it (in the margins of one manuscript) "Oh my hand". Oh my goodness yes. 

These are some of my works, featuring handmade egg tempera, gold leaf and written using a hand cut quill pen.

And yes, my hand hurts.

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39 Stepney Road, Burry Port,SA16 0BE

Revelations 1: 8

Genuine gold leaf, handmade egg tempera paint and ink on paper. Frame 561 x 435 mm. Image area 293 x 208 mm. The text opens with “I am”. The red and blue key pattern forms the “i”, and the “m” is nested within the “a’