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My work is in a number of private collections. Some collectors have been stopped in their tracks by the gilded Celtic circles, taking one home to hang on a well lit wall, to have the sun in their room whatever the weather.

Other collectors have seen my work at a fair or exhibition and have then saved up for a couple of years, tracking me down at a later fair to buy a painting.

Still others have seen my work at a show or art fair and, not being able to get a particular work out of their mind, have returned at closing to buy the painting. One memorable occasion at Art in Action (Oxford), I and the collector were standing underneath the large tarpaulin that I had draped over the stand for protection overnight (Art in Action used to be held in marquees) whilst we discussed the Arabesque painting that had been so arresting.

I also accept commissions. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Medieval style illuminated manuscripts, bold minimalist calligraphy inspired by Arabic scripts and more

Intricate gilded paintings inspired by the great art and manuscripts of the Islamic World.

Paintings inspired by 'Celtic' art: the great art of the peoples of the Hallstatt, La Téne and early Medieval European cultures 

Paintings inspired by Japanese and Chinese landscape paintings and gilded screens.

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